Soliloquy in non-daily life


To everyone of the musician who participates in the foreign country.

I am the person who has lived in Japanese capital city and Tokyo.
In the fact where cancellation of the Japanese performance is sequential with consequence of the rumor damage now due to earthquake and the nuclear plant, we have done the thinking which is sad truly.
As for fearing aftershock and the nuclear plant certainly you understand.
But our Japanese have not been bombed as some one person!
It is the value where the radiation dose is at all lower than Moscow in reality and, without problem it has lived with Tokyo.

Therefore you ask.
Everyone who performs to FUJIROCK FESTIVAL and SUMMER SONIC, absolutely please visit Japan.
We would like to make discrimination ease even a little, with the conduct, visiting Japan of everyone, it is.
Hearing that everything such as the Japanese food and part is refused, it receives the shock.
To help Japan, it is first to buy and/or to consume Japanese ones.

We with music of everyone, are to like to receive courage.
It is to like to share impression and the joy, with Japanese everyone everyone coming.
This feeling which can be tasted with music, believes that the entire it is world common.

Pray for Japan, Courage for Japan,
The impression with music to Japan!!!!!!